After bringing 21 successful parades down Broadway in Jim Thorpe, the Carbon County St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, Inc. has announced that it will no longer be hosting the popular parade.

            The decision was made to end the parade for a number of reasons both physical and financial. The committee has consisted of the same core members who have handled the details of fundraising, parade administration and logistics, traffic and crowd control, the Grand Marshal Dinner, and St. Patrick’s Mass with no younger members joining the ranks. The committee wanted to end the parade on a high note. The committee also finds it harder each year to raise the funds to cover costs of bands, police and public services expenses, insurance and other related costs.

            The parade committee although saddened by the decision to end the parade, takes pride in the fact that for 21 years the parade has never had to cancel or postpone due to weather, and more importantly, never had any accidents or injuries connected to the parade.

            We thank the Borough of Jim Thorpe for playing host for every parade and all the many bands, fire companies, and other participants who have made our parade such a wonderful experience. We also acknowledge our many sponsors and advertisers who without their support, the parade would never have come into existence.

            A special thank you to TV13 and the Jim Thorpe Neighborhood Bank who brought the parade to many spectators who could not make the trip to Jim Thorpe on parade day and the Times News for getting important information out to the public.

            Lastly, the committee thanks the residents and spectators who lined the streets on parade day. Your presence and enthusiastic support of the parade made it all worthwhile.

            Although the parade is gone, we remind everyone that you don’t need a parade to celebrate and show pride in your Irish Ancestry or to honor the Great St. Patrick.


The Twenty-First Annual
Carbon County Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
will be held in Jim Thorpe
on Sunday, March 11, 2018
starting at 1:00 PM
Co-Grand Marshals
Noel and Bernadette Behan


The 21st annual Carbon County St. Patrick's Day Parade, sponsored by the Carbon County St Patrick's Day Committee, will take place along Broadway in Jim Thorpe starting at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 11, 2018.

The event will be held rain or shine.  In addition to honoring St Patrick, this parade has become a huge draw for the residents of Carbon County to celebrate their Irish heritage and reunite with loved ones and old friends. The parade will follow the same route as in past years - starting at the upper end of West Broadway and ending at the County parking lot, a downhill route that showcases the natural scenic beauty and unique history of Carbon County.The members of the parade committee would like to remind spectators and those attending private parties along the parade route to respect the parade by not interfering with the parade or any of its participants.

Do your part! The money needed to host this parade is generously donated by our sponsors. You can show your support for the parade by becoming a sponsor, patronizing the businesses of our sponsors, or purchasing our merchandise to wear proudly on parade day.

You can also check out our Facebook page at Carbon St Pat’s Parade for regular updates - Thanks to our Sponsors!  

VENDORS: The parade committee has nothing to do with vendor's on parade day. The county does not allow vendors at the train station or park on parade day except those with a year-round contract with the county. The borough does not allow vendors on roadway or Broadway sidewalks. 


Thanks to our Sponsors!

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