Aides to the Grand Marshal

Pat Crowley
Jody Kennedy
Marcia Evans
Cathy Crampsie

 left glyph 2018 Co-Grand Marshals
Noel and Bernadette Behan
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This year the Grand Marshal's Dinner will be held on Friday, March 9, 2018, at Dean Anthony's, Jim Thorpe. A social hour will begin at 6 p.m., followed by the dinner and program at 7 o'clock.

For tickets, contact Noel Behan, 570-325-8056; Ronald Sheehan, 570-325-4244; or Hugh Dugan, 570-325-3359 or you can email Hugh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tickets are also available at Molly Maguire’s Pub in Jim Thorpe.

The Grand Marshal Dinner is an event held in conjunction with our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. The dinner honors our Grand Marshal and Aides, two from the men's division (Alec Campbell Div 1 and Ladies Division (Mollie Maguire’s Div 1). The Grand Marshal is nominated from committee members and final selection is made by five members comprised of past and current President of the AOH and current President of the LAOH. The dinner is generally held one or two weeks before the parade at a location in or near Jim Thorpe chosen by our entertainment committee. The dinner recognizes the Grand Marshal and Aides for exemplifying the AOH motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity and for their involvement in the Ancient Order of Hibernians and community affairs. The Grand Marshal and Aides are introduced and presented with the tri-color sashes, plaques and jackets. It is an emotional event and very rewarding for the recipients. Tickets are available approximately one month prior to the dinner.


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Grand Marshal
2018 Noel and Bernadette Behan Pat Crowley, Jody Kennedy, Marcia Evans, Cathy Crampsie
Charles Wildoner
Judy Nederostek, Carol Coll, Ryan Lee, Shawn Kresge
Francis "Snitz" O'Donnell
Sheila O'Neil, Margaret Diehm, James Clauser, Hank Williams
Gary Dobias
Mary Dugan- Figura, Bob McMenemon
Matthew Stinson
Ed Coll, Liam Harvey, Jenn Skelly-Becker, Shari Beers
Peggy Sue O'Donnell
Francis "Dubber" O'Donnell, Michael O'Donnell, Jean O'Donnell, Joan O'Donnell
Charles Thamarus
Francis Thamarus, Kevin Thamarus, Molly Ebbert, Kathleen Ahner
Emmett McCall
Gene Binder, Mary Kay Carroll Malaska, Colleen P Clauser, Sean Conway
Hugh Dugan
Noel Behan, Ronald Sheehan, Marie Mriss, Rita O’Donnell
Monsignor John Chizmar
Charles “Chip” Burnett, James D Crossin, Claire Cannon, Samantha Heim Schultz
Charles Getz
Julie McDonald, Kay Carroll, Joseph Seaver, Colin O’Shaughnessy
Ronald J Sheehan
Hugh Dugan, Robert Lee, Bernadette Behan, Margaret (Peggy) Mulderig
Jim Thorpe Fire Department
Charles Thamarus, Matthew Stinson JR, Helene Toth, Regina Klein
Dr Clement McGinely
Edith McLaughlin Lukasevich, Nancy McGinley, James Carroll, Michael Carroll
SGT A.J. Baddick (Posthumous)
Sean McFadden, Mildred Gillespie, Dennis Nestor, Agnes Campbell Busocker
John J Mulligan
John Barry, Regina Boyle Klein, Peggy Sue O’Donnell, Joseph James Dougherty
Honorable John P. Lavelle
Virginia Llewellyn, Daniel Evans, Betty O’Donnell, Gerald McFadden
Dennis McGinely, SR
Lucille Tracey, Walter Boyle, Elizabeth Relhman, Paul McArdle SR
Agnes McCartney
Dolores Gillespie, Francis “Dubber” O’Donnell, Peggy McClafferty, Francis “Snitz” O’Donnell
Francis Helferty
Eileen McGinley, Edward Crowley, Sharon Choley, Stephen Hannigan
Representative Keith McCall
Patrick Campbell
Owen McClafferty
Jean O’Donnell, Joan O’Donnell, Bernadette McGinley